20 November، 2023

    Israeli Complex Options in the Gaza Strip 

    by Kareem Qart The state of occupation declared a war on the Palestinians, setting a…
    Project & Programmes
    15 November، 2023

    Atawnah: “Prior to the Al-Aqsa Flood, Palestine was almost without a political horizon.”

    The “Al-Sharq Podcast” conducted a special interview with Dr. Ahmed Attawneh, Director of the Vision…
    8 November، 2023

    Israeli Military Operations and Arrest Campaigns in the West Bank: An Analysis of Implications and Objectives

    Sulaiman Bisharat[1] In conjunction with the offensive on the Gaza Strip, the “Israeli” occupation forces…
    Project & Programmes
    18 August، 2023

    On the Genius of Oslo and the Transformations in Palestinian Society 

    Ahmed Atawna The centers Vision for Political Development and “Al-Sharq” for Strategic Studies recently concluded their fourth…
    Center Release
    15 August، 2023

    What if Collapse Occurs? Scenarios Post the Palestinian Authority

    Vision Center for Political Development Prepared by: Mohammed Hassan Darkhalil  Contributing Experts: Dr. Ahmed Atawna, Dr. As’ad…
    Files And Issues
    17 July، 2023

    Targeting Palestinian Children: The Implications and Strategies of Resistance

    Dr. Samer Najm al-Din[1] Since the start of 2023, the number of Palestinian martyrs, resulting…

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