7 November، 2022

    Brief Spots on Netanyahu’s Victory

    Mohammed Hasan Darkhalil  The consequences will be extreme but harsher in case Trump or the…
    27 September، 2022

    Debate on The Role of Tribalism in Palestine: Necessity vs Rejection

    On Saturday, September 10, Vision Center held a sociopolitical debate, on Zoom, entitled “The Role…
    27 September، 2022

    Instability in the West Bank, Abraham Accords, and Biden’s Visit

        Mohammed Hasan Darkhalil Instability in the North of West Bank Perlov and Dekel…
    26 September، 2022

    Two visits during the Ukraine war: Geopolitical interests bringing Russia and Hamas closer

     Ali Abo Rezeg[1] When a Hamas delegation landed in Moscow last week, it marked the…
    16 September، 2022

    How Do MENA Citizens View Normalization With Israel?

    There is broad rejection among ordinary citizens across MENA of the U.S.-backed Abraham Accords and…
    7 September، 2022

    Middle East Peace: The Biden Administration’s Approach

      Jonathan Lincoln | RAND Following the much-discussed presidential visit to the Middle East, there…

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