8 May، 2024

    Analysis: the Israeli Opposition to the Deal with Hamas

    Experts There are noteworthy “Israeli” stances that publicly oppose the negotiations of a prisoner exchange…
    22 April، 2024

    Dennis Ross and the Arrogance of American Policy in the Region

    Ahmed Atawna* The Americans, whether in official capacities or within research and academic institutions, present…
    5 April، 2024

    The Formation of the New Palestinian Government: An Analysis of Stances and the Capacity for Continuity

    Suleiman Bisharat[1] On March 14th, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas entrusted Dr. Mohammad Mustafa with the…
    27 March، 2024

    Beyond Gaza Port

    The Vision Center for Political Development organized a seminar titled “Beyond Gaza Port”, featuring speakers…
    22 March، 2024

    The Claim of Israeli Self-Defense

    Dina Elhindi* International politics is an intricate system, the comprehension of the legality of self-defense…
    19 March، 2024

    A Year of Violations by the Occupation Forces and Settlers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories during 2023

    Saida Zaarir The concluding quarter of 2023 witnessed an escalation in Israeli hostilities towards the…

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