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Benjamin Netanyahu: Re-Framing of the Zionist Project Within the Clash of Civilizations Paradigm

Benjamin Netanyahu: Re-Framing of the Zionist Project Within the Clash of Civilizations Paradigm

Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership is one of the most unique periods in the history of politics of ‘Israel’. Since the declaration of the state of Israeli in 1984, none of the Israeli Generals and ex-prime ministers spent a long-term governing the Israeli political affairs as Netanyahu did. Between 1996 and 1999, Netanyahu managed successfully to maintain his position winning the elections four times in a row. In 2009, he managed to win the elections three times in a row and maintained his position later for fourteen years. It is worth mentioning that the Prime Minister of Israel has unlimited privileges and powers, whereas the President of Israel privileges and powers are extremely limited. Netanyahu’s leadership is a one-of-a-kind period that obliges us to observe and study it attentively. Netanyahu is leading the Likud party, which is a center-right to right-wing political party in Israel.

Despite the attacks against the establishment of the Israeli entity, claiming that it is moderate, adopt moderate and democratic policies, and despite of the fact that it is a secular capitalist entity, religious and ideological narratives played major roles in shaping the Israeli leadership. It is basically built by falsifying and fabricating ideological speeches and religious narratives regionally and internationally.  What makes Netanyahu more special than his predecessors is his excessive prejudice and racism.

This book explains in details Netanyahu’s leadership and his government within the frame of Western culture and the Islamic one. It llustrates how the Israeli entity plays a vital role in the clash of civilization between the West and the Islamic civilization. Also, the book shows how the Israel preserving and defending the Western civilization in the heart of the Arab Nations, which is viewed as a backward and extremist area. Netanyahu and his government are part of the struggle between ‘good and evil’ and ‘civilized and uncivilized’ nations. Therefore, the Western governments must provide all forms of adequate support to Israel to fulfill its ‘sacred mission, to “protect” its so-called state from the Arab Islamic World. Netanyahu used various policies so far to convince the Western people that Israel is a state of peace not criminals in order to clear its name.

This book provides deep analysis of the religious, ideological, social, and political backgrounds of Netanyahu’s government. This is in order to measure their impact on the Arabs and Muslims generally and on the Palestinians specifically. In addition, the book presents Netanyahu’s political vision towards the Palestinian case and reginal issues. All academic, cultured, and politician in Palestine and the Arab Nations were able to know the truth of Netanyahu. This book will be a qualitative addition in Arab libraries and will contribute to the field of pollical sciences.

This book is a knowledge-based material for Arab politicians, Palestinians, readers, and Arab intellectuals. This is in order to fully understand the nature of Netanyahu’s leadership, his policies, and his government considering the latest developments in politics. Priorities have changed and many countries have lost their powers. This resulted in referring to Israel and consider it as an align. Netanyahu took a very good advantage of this chance by presenting himself and Israel as friendly aligns, and to present himself as the new prophet for Jews to keep them safe and secured. This is in order to adapt the regional areas and the Arab Nation of the naturalness of the existence of Israel.

About the author:

  • Dr. Muhannad Mustafa: he holds a PhD in Political Sciences from Haifa University in 2012. He was a researcher in the Islamic Studies Center at Cambridge University and in the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. Currently, he is in the position of a Director-General at Mada News Agency, Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, and is an instructor at Beirzait University.

He has tens of publications, books, articles, etc… in Arabic, English, and Hebrew, such as: (Israel Academic Institution: Politics, Knowledge, and Economy 2014), (Palestinians in Israel: Minority Policies of an Ethnic State 2009). Soon to be released: the Palestinians in Israel: The Politics of Faith after Oslo.

Book Info.:

  • Book Title: Benjamin Netanyahu: Re-Framing of the Zionist Project Within the Clash of Civilizations Paradigm
  • Author: Muhannad Mustafa
  • First Edition: Istanbul, Turkey 2018
  • ISBN: 978-605-81816-0-1

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