Vision Center publishes a book: ‘Israeli Propaganda: A Study in Soft Power’

The Vision Center for Political Development has issued a comprehensive monograph entitled ‘Israeli Propaganda: A Study of Soft Power’. The objective of this scholarly work is to investigate Israeli propaganda directed towards Palestinians, Arabs, and the global populace. It aims to scrutinize and analyze the Israeli tools utilized in propaganda, its content, and to understand the subsequent effects on its targets. Hence, it seeks to answer the question: How does Israel construct its propaganda and communicate with Palestinian, Arab, and global audiences?

The book is comprised of eight chapters. The first chapter serves as an introduction to the concept of propaganda and its fundamental principles. The second chapter addresses the foundations of Israeli media and propaganda across a historical timeline, commencing prior to the establishment of the Israeli state and extending to the present day. The third chapter is dedicated to Israeli digital diplomacy, examining how the occupying force employs digital technologies to propagate its narrative and influence various populations worldwide.

The fourth chapter delves into Israeli propaganda practiced at an international level, studying the methods and tools used in global propagandistic discourse to sway global public opinion in favor of the Israeli narrative. The fifth chapter scrutinizes Israeli propaganda targeted towards Arabs in Arabic, exploring the history of Zionist propaganda directed at Arabs, tracing its development through various stages up until the current era. This chapter also discusses the tools, strategies, and methodologies of Israeli propaganda targeting Arabs, its strategies to influence Arab public opinion, and the investigation of the impact of this propaganda on Arab societies.

The sixth chapter considers Israeli propaganda directed at Palestinians, along with the means and methods used by the Israeli propagandistic machinery against the Palestinian people. The seventh chapter delves into Israeli propaganda and its translation from the media, exploring the covert messages absorbed by Palestinians and Arabs due to their consumption of translated Israeli material that monopolizes information.

The eighth and final chapter of the book investigates the historical role of Palestinian media in countering Israeli propaganda, leading to its present-day role and the methods it uses to combat propaganda aimed at the Palestinian people, within its capabilities.

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