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Turkish Justice and Development Party (AK Parti) Reformist Path

Turkish Justice and Development Party (AK Parti) Reformist Path


This book deals with the AK Parti’s reformation strategies since the beginning of their governance in 2002 with a major emphasis on:

  • AK Parti’s new political orientations aiming at promoting political participation, which could be achieved through giving some space to the field of public freedom, calling for democratization and respecting human rights.
  • AK Parti’s gradual neutralization of the military institution, not to mention its neutral strategies used in dealing with social, educational, and economic issues, which were successfully achieved.
  • Turkey’s opening up to the neighboring countries alongside with the AK Parti’s effort to take advantage of Turkey’s historical legacy.

This ideological shift has led to: raising the numbers of people supporting the AK Parti and proving its trustworthiness as a party succeeded in reforming the country.

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