Center Release
    1 week ago

    Broad Front for National Deliverance: Exigency and Feasibility

    The ongoing status of the lack of Palestinian political horizon hindering any new progress to…
    23 March، 2022

    Workshop on Post-Oslo Transformations on Political Actors and Palestinian Institutions

    Within works on post-Oslo transformations of the Palestinian society, Vision Center, in coordination with Al-Sharq…
    16 March، 2022

    Once Again, Israel Throws Up an Unlawful Barrier to Palestinian Family Reunification

    # Carol Daniel Kasbari | Middle East Institute On March 10, Israel’s parliament enacted a bill…
    Center Release
    5 March، 2022

    The MonthlySkimm: February 2022

      Mohammed Hasan Darkhalil # Ramadan’s Upcoming Confrontation with Hamas, One-State Reality, and the Middle…
    23 February، 2022

    Ukraine, Russia and the Arabs

    As the Russian-Ukraine crisis continues to dominate headlines globally, different corners of the world are…
    9 January، 2022

    How the Palestinian Authority Became a Prisoner of its own Illusions

    The Middle East Eye Hani Al-Masri A recent meeting between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and…

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