The View of the Republic of Turkey from the Political Perspective of Israel

The View of the Republic of Turkey from the Political Perspective of Israel

The View of the Republic of Turkey from the Political Perspective of Israel has been recently published by Vision for Political Development. The book presents scientific and systematic (methodical) study for the Israeli political vision of international relations. That is studying the Israeli vision towards the Republic of Turkey may create a model, or study case for the Israeli strategy in dealing with other countries, that has political relations with it.

The book is divided into seven chapters addressing the Israeli perspective of the Republic of Turkey from multiple aspects, and by different political, intellectual, and cultural levels. This comes in an attempt to scientifically and objectively understand the reality of the Israeli position on Turkey, and understanding the nature and reality of the Israeli- Turkey relations.

Chapter One; It’s a brief forward of the history and development of the Israeli- Turkey relations. This chapter aims at drawing a general picture of this relation, its phases, its negative and positive developments, the most influential events and how they dealt with these events.

Chapter Two; sheds light on the vision of the Israeli political elite of the Republic of Turkey. İt tries to focus on the perspective of the Israeli political elite towards the State of Turkey and its different political components, starting with the ruling party (Justice and Development Party), opposition parties and the President of Turkey ,Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Chapter Three; tackles the Israeli geopolitical vision of Turkey, reviewing the geopolitical position of historical Palestine, in which Israel was built on and its connection to the geopolitical position of Turkey. This chapter clarifies the Israeli position of the accretion of Turkey’s power on a different level, as well as the Israeli concern resulted by that.

Chapter Four; clarifies the Israeli position to multiple vital causes, that are crucially significant , and the Israeli mechanisms to deal with them. That discusses what is known as the Kurdish Question, the extent of interventions, the Cyprus cause, and the Armenian cause used by Israel, with its different tools, periodically to put pressure on Turkey.

Chapter Five; addresses the Israeli media discourse towards Turkey, as this chapter analyzes depending on the covering of one of the most significant Israeli newspapers “Yedioth Ahronoth” for the last Turkish Parliament elections. It highlights the Israeli media strategies towards Turkey and the most important causes that were focused on and the purposes behind this.

Chapter Six: reviews the vision of the different Israeli political parties towards the Republic of Turkey. It also focuses on the development of this vision on multiple historical phases, especially after the Justice and Development Party Rule.

Whereas chapter Seven and Eighth focus on the Israeli- Turkish economical relations and the development of this relation in different economical sectors, such as manufacturing, importing and exporting processes, tourism, military deals, and the effect of the economical and political relations between the two states.

 What gives this book a special importance is a group of distinguished  researchers who wrote it. They are experts in the Israeli matter, fluent in Hebrew, and they have been acquainted with the Israeli political scene for long. In addition, as the book is published in both Arabic and Turkish, they resent their brief of experience and knowledge in this matter.

Publishing Information

Title: The Rebuplic of Turkey in the Israeli Political Perspective

Authors: Ahmad Alza’tari, Dr. Adnan Abu Amer, Dr. Saleh Aln’ami, Mr. Imad Abu Awwad, Mr. Salah Aldin Alawawdeh, Mr. Omar Abu Arqoub.

Edited and Supervised by: Dr. Ahmad Atawoneh, and Mr. Omar Abu Arqoup.

Pages: 189.

Date of Publication: First Edition, 2017.

Publisher: Vision for Political Development

ISBN: 9786056666445

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