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Book: Concepts and Terminology of the Palestinian Issue

Despite the fact that many prominent foreign languages have epistemological richness in the concepts, terminology, topics and personalities related to the Palestinian cause, the Arabic language remained yet poor in this regard until the Palestinian Encyclopedia Project was founded by the Palestinian Encyclopedia Authority of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science in the Arab League, in the year 1974. 

The first section of the encyclopedia came out in 1984, then followed by the second section which was published in 1990. 

After that time, the Project was stopped, leaving a critical need for this kind of work because of the renewal and continuity of the Palestinian cause; its superior ability to produce new terms and concepts; the various directions and angles of vision that address the aspects of the Palestinian cause and its related issues; and the impossibility of anticipating all possible outputs of the Palestinian issue whether in terms of form or content.

This serious need is what prompted the Vision Center for Political Development in Istanbul to launch a project that addresses the terminology and concepts of the Palestinian cause. 

The Project was started with the book “Concepts and Terminology of the Palestinian Issue (1)”, which indicates that there will be upcoming editions that are broader, more comprehensive and more diverse. 

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