Vision Center Holds a Dialogue-Based Workshop on the Development of the Relationship Between Fatah and Hamas.

The Vision Center for Political Development organized a dialogue-based workshop on the development of the relationship between Fatah and Hamas. The workshop discussed the factors that led to the sudden development of relations, the chances of success and expected challenges considering the many decision-makers from different factions, academics, politicians and intellectuals.

Dr. Sabri Saidam,  a participant and member of the Central Committee of the Fatah movement, spoke about the background of the sudden development in the national relations file from the Fatah movement’s perspective. He also explained the consequences of these developments and emphasized the cruciality of building confidence, describing the meeting as “a candle that we want to protect”. For his part, Hossam Badran, national relations official in Hamas, discussed the same issue from the Hamas’ point of view, as well as its consequences. Badran emphasized that there is daily communication with Rajoub and other leaders.

In addition, participant Dr. Muhammad al-Hindi, member of the political leadership of the Islamic Jihad Movement, spoke about the chances of success from the jihadi movements perspective with regards to the latest developments, as well as described the mechanisms for its fortification. He also called on participants to continue reconciliation efforts, turn the page of division and translate their positive spirit into practical steps on the ground.

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