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Summary the Israeli Colonial Violations in the West Bank, January 2021

Maher Abed

This report summarizes Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians in January 2021. The report is based on daily reports compiled from three sources, to wit, the Palestinian Monitoring Group of the PLO’s Negotiations Affairs Circle, Monitoring Israeli Colonization Activists in the Palestinian Territories (POICA), and We Watch Israeli Violations (wewiv) body.

This month, we noticed an increase of terrorist attacks by settlers against Palestinian citizens, their properties and farms, which totalled 124 attacks.  The occupation forces uprooted thousands of Palestinian trees, destroyed dozens of homes and facilities, and bulldozed hundreds of acres of property. The Israeli institutions approved plans to build more than 3,100 new settlement housing units in Jerusalem and the West Bank.  In what follows are the details of the violations:

Table: The Israeli occupation and settlements and violations during August 2020

The Violation Figure
Martyrs 5 martyrs
Wounded 95 wounded
Detainees 461 detainees
Retention 50 people
Displacement from the Al-Aqsa Mosque 6 people
Storming into Palestinian residential areas 433 cases
Abrupt Military Checkpoints 482 checkpoints
House demolitions 16 homes
Demolishing agricultural, industrial and commercial facilities 43 establishments
Shooting Palestinian citizens 306 cases
Destruction or confiscation of property 78 cases
Assault on the holy places 30 cases
settler terrorism 124 cases
Cutting, burning and destroying trees 15100 trees
Levelling citizens’ lands 350 dunums
Settlement activities 18 activities
New settlement units 3102 new units
New settlement roads Two roads in (Salfit and Hebron)
Land confiscation 1100 dunums
Strategic settlement projects A plan to establish a park called “Nahal Ramzy” in Jerusalem


Martyrs and Injured:

Israeli forces killed Five Palestinian citizens this month. On 1/5/2021, the occupation forces shot and killed Ahed Abd al-Rahman Khalil, 25, from Beit Ummar, Hebron. On 1/20/2021, prisoner Maher Dhib Sa`sa, 45, from the city of Qalqilya, was killed in (Rimonim) prison due to medical negligence. On 1/24/2021, the occupation forces at the separation wall gate near the village of Faroun, south of Tulkarm, fired sound and tear gas canisters toward Palestinian workers as they were trying to enter work inside of the Green Line. This led to the death of Fuad Sebti Jouda, a 48-year-old resident of Iraq Al-Tayeh village in the Nablus governorate, as a result of suffering a heart attack after inhaling tear gas. On 1/26/2021, the occupation forces near Haris village junction, Salfit shot and killed Atallah Muhammad Rayan, 17 years old, from the town of Qarawat Bani Hassan.  On 1/31/2021, the occupation forces at the Kfar Etzion settlement junction shot and killed Muhammad Hussein Muhammad Amr, 35 years old, who was a resident of the town of Halhul, Hebron. .

The number of civilians injured this month at the hands of the occupation forces and settlers reached 95, 93 were in the West Bank, and two were in the Gaza Strip. Six children, a journalist, and a medic were among the injured.

Arrest, detention, storming of residential areas, and deportation of citizens from Jerusalem:

This month, occupation forces arrested 461 citizens, including 458 in the West Bank and three in Gaza. Among them were 20 children, three women, and two university students. The following is a distribution of detainees according to the governorates: 152 Jerusalem, 74 Ramallah, 56 Jenin, 8 Tubas, 21 Tulkarm, 27 Qalqilya, 38 Nablus, 7 Salfit, 5 Jericho, 21 Bethlehem, 48 Hebron, and 3 Gaza.

The Israeli occupation forces also detained 50 citizens and stormed Palestinian villages and cities at occupation checkpoints, 44 in the West Bank and 6 in the Gaza Strip. The occupation forces also deported 6 Jerusalemite citizens from Al-Aqsa Mosque for different periods.

This month, there were 433 incursions into Palestinian residential communities by occupation forces, including 430 in the West Bank and 3 in the Gaza Strip. According to the governorates, the following is the distribution of said incursions: 59 Jerusalem, 55 Ramallah, 81 Jenin, 17 Tubas, 25 Tulkarm, 22 Qalqilya, 46 Nablus, 27 Salfit, 15 Jericho, 43 Bethlehem, 40 Hebron, 3 Khan Yunis.

Erecting military checkpoints and shooting at Palestinian citizens:

During this month, the occupation army established 482 surprise checkpoints to disrupt citizen movement in the West Bank. These checkpoints were distributed over the governorates as follows: 17 Jerusalem, 44 Ramallah, 1 Tubas, 6 Jenin, 1 Tulkarm, 72 Qalqilya, 35 Nablus, 58 Salfit, 92 Jericho 88 Bethlehem, 68 Hebron.

The occupation army opened fire at Palestinian citizens in 306 cases; 133 of these were in the Gaza Strip and the rest were in the West Bank, including the following shooting cases: 106 by military checkpoints, 67 during incursions, 23 by gunboats, 108 by military bases, and two airstrikes.

Home and infrastructure demolition and property destruction:

During this month, the occupation forces demolished 16 Palestinian residential buildings. The demolitions were distributed as follows: a house in Bethlehem, nine homes in Jerusalem, 5 in the Jordan Valley, and a house in Salfit.

The occupation forces also demolished 43 Palestinian facilities, including barracks and sheep pens, garages, shops, agricultural rooms, and others. The demolitions were distributed as follows: 17 in Jerusalem, 11 in Jenin, 2 in Nablus, 5 in Tubas, 3 in Jericho, 3 in Beit Meat, 1 in Hebron, 1 in Ramallah.

The occupation army destroyed 58 home furniture, damaged citizens’ cars, uprooted olive trees, and demolished barracks. Additionally, there were 20 cases in which citizens’ cars, recording cameras, personal belongings, and equipment were confiscated.

Violation of sanctities:

The West Bank witnessed 30 cases of attacks by the occupation army and settlers on Islamic holy sites, including the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, holding Jewish rituals in it, attacking mosque guards, and preventing Reconstruction Committee staff from doing maintenance and restoration work inside the Al-Qibli prayer hall and the Dome of the Rock Mosque. The occupation forces also prevented entry of needed materials, and it stopped maintenance work at the Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron.  The occupation forces demolished two mosques, the first under construction in the Masafer Yatta area – Hebron, and the other in Al-Jib village in the Jerusalem governorate.

The occupation forces also violated a health institution in one case. On 1/4/2021, occupation forces stormed the outer square and the main waiting hall of a hospital in Tulkarm and fired teargas canisters, which terrorised patients and doctors. The hospital contains 81 citizens, including 10 premature infants in the nursery department, five children in the paediatrics department, seven patients in intensive care, 13 patients in the maternity ward, and 39 medical and health staff.

Terror of the occupation army and settlers:

This month, settlers carried out 124 cases of assault and attacks on Palestinian citizens, which included running over citizens, throwing stones at cars and homes, cutting down trees, burning agricultural land, storming towns, and physically assaulting citizens.

The settlement activities:

1/1/2012: The occupation authorities in the city of Jerusalem approved a plan to establish the “Nahal Zimri Natural Park” settlement on the lands of Beit Hanina and Hazmah. The authorities also approved building the village of Jaba near the settlements of “Pisgat Zeev” and “Neve Yaqoub” north of Jerusalem, where four entrances to the park will be built, as well as water basins, sports fields, a study farm, a visitor centre, a parking lot, a general building for community activities and trade.  A bridge will be built over the bypass street to connect the public buildings, the public park and the light rail to the park).

3/1/2021: The occupation forces swept away in Khallet Hassan in Salfit, an area of ​​the citizens’ agricultural lands threatened by confiscation and uprooted olive and grape trees.

3/1/2021: The occupation forces issued a military order confiscating land in Wadi al-Hindi, south of the town of al-Khader, Umm al-Tala in the village of Artas, and the site of Waer Abu Muhr, al-Aqban and al-Murooj in the town of Tamrah, all of which are in the Bethlehem governorate.

4/1/2021: Near the entrance of the village of Deir Nizam – Ramallah, the occupation forces bulldozed an area of ​​land surrounding the village’s entrance, owned by the citizens.

6/1/2021: The occupation forces issued a military order confiscating 1008 dunums of the citizens’ lands located near “Alfiyah Menasheh” settlement, which belongs to the towns of Azzun and Kafr Thuluth, and the village of Nabi Elias – Qalqilya governorate.

6/1/2021: Occupation forces swept away an area of ​​Palestinian land planted with about 3,400 trees and olive saplings in Khallet Al-Abhar, west of Deir Ballut.

7/1/2021: The occupation forces swept away an area of ​ citizens’ agricultural lands in Kafr Al Dik, Salfit.

9/1/2021: The occupation forces published a plan to confiscate an area of ​​citizens’ lands in Khallat Al-Balaa and Al-Kursun belonging to Kafr Laqif in Qalqilya Governorate and Deir Istiya in Deir Istia Governorate. They are located within the boundaries of the  “Karni Shamron” settlement. The plan seeks to transfer its classification from an industrial zone to a residential area.

10/1/2021: The occupation forces excavated in Al-Buraq Square (the western wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque) and near Al-Mughrabi Gate (one of the doors leading to Al-Aqsa Mosque) in the Old City of Jerusalem.

13/1/2021: The occupation forces swept away agricultural land in the AlQarn area east of Beit Ummar town, Hebron, an area estimated at eight dunums. They uprooted approximately 80 olive trees owned by citizens.

13/1/2021: The occupation authorities approved a plan to build 530 new settlement housing units, including 400 settlement housing units in the Gilo settlement south of Jerusalem and 130 new settlement housing units in the Ramat Shlomo settlement, north of Jerusalem.

17/1/2021: The occupation forces bulldozed agricultural land belonging to Marda, Salfit and uprooted numerous olive trees.

20/1/2021: Occupation authorities issued plans to build 2572 new settlement housing units in 7 settlements, of which 460 housing units would be in settlements established in the Jerusalem governorate, and 2112 housing units in settlements established in the rest of the West Bank governorates.

23/1/2021: The occupation forces bulldozed an agricultural land area of ​​Al Maasara village in Bethlehem, an area estimated at three dunums, located near “Migdal Oz” settlement on the lands of Beit Fajar.

25/1/2021: Israeli occupation forces paved a road leading to lands confiscated from the Burqin village, Salfit, near the Brokhin settlement.

26/1/2021: Occupation forces continued razing Palestinian lands in the Jabal Al-Rahat area of ​​Eastern Laban village, Nablus, to build new settlement units and expand the “Ali” settlement to the east of the town.

26/1/2021: Occupation forces completed settlement road construction on Palestinian lands belonging to Dura, Hebron, adjacent to the Nijohot settlement to the west of the town.

26/1/2021: In the Einoun area east of Tubas, occupation forces uprooted and cut down approximately 300 olive trees owned by citizens and cut almost 10,000 forest trees in the area under the pretext of a military training zone.

The most prominent settler terrorist attacks:

1/1/2021: A group of settlers near the eastern village of Laban, Nablus, severely beat one of the citizens, which resulted in a fractured nose and shoulder.

1/1/2021: A group of settlers from the Rafafa settlement entered the citizens’ agricultural lands located in the plane area of ​​Haris, Salfit, and cut down/uprooted approximately 300 olive trees.

2/1/2021: A group of settlers from the Mitzpe Yair and Beit Yateir settlements, which are built on Palestinian land east of Yatta, Hebron, attacked a number of Palestinian farmers, which resulted in bruising.

4/1/2021: A group of settlers entered the outskirts of the Sirta, Salfit village and threw stones at citizens’ homes and vehicles, which resulted in the broken car windows and damaged tires of four Palestinian car owners.

4/1/2021: A group of settlers from the Beitar Illit settlement pumped wastewater from inside the settlement onto the citizens’ lands planted with olive and grape trees in the Qaddis area of ​​the Husan village, which led to a high level of wastewater flooding and the destruction of agricultural crops.

5/1/2021: A group of settlers went to Al-Misrara Street in Jerusalem and closed the street and threw stones at passing civilian vehicles.

5/1/2021: A group of settlers arrived south of Silat al-Dhahr, Jenin, and threw stones at Palestinian civilian vehicles passing by the main street, Jenin, Nablus.

6/1/2021: A group of settlers in Aqraba, Nablus, set fire to a plot of land planted with olive trees located on the road leading to Khirbet Yanun.

6/1/2021: A group of settlers came near the settlement of “Yitzhar” and threw stones at passing Palestinian vehicles on the main road leading to the Junction of Jeet village Qalqilya governorate.

6/1/2021: A group of settlers from the “Ihya” settlement outpost entered the village of Jaloud, Nablus, and uprooted and stole approximately 150 olive seedlings.

7/1/2021: A group of settlers in the Kafr Malik’s village, Ramallah, severely beat and threw stones at three civilians which resulted in bruising while the civilians were ploughing their land.  Additionally, civilians were threatened with confiscation.

9/1/2021: A group of settlers were present at a roundabout at the “Kfar Etzion” settlement between Hebron and Bethlehem and threw stones at passing civilian vehicles, which resulted in the broken windows of a number of them.

10/1/2021: A group of settlers from the settlement outpost of Yash Kodash entered the agricultural lands of citizens in the Shaab al-Kharab area, east of the town of Qusra, Nablus, and uprooted and stole 130 olive seedlings.

12/1/2021: A group of settlers from the “Karmi Tzur” settlement entered the citizens’ agricultural lands in Beit Ummar, Hebron, and uprooted and cut down dozens of fruit trees, olive trees, nuts and grapes.

13/1/2021: A group of settlers were present at the outskirts of Turmus Aya, Ramallah, and set fire to two vehicles belonging to citizens, and smashed the windows of a third vehicle.

13/1/2021: A group of settlers entered the Khirbet al-Tawil area of ​​Aqraba, Nablus, ploughed an area of ​​citizens’ land in an attempt to seize it, and severely beat a citizen and his son while they were trying to stop the attack. The civilian and his son sustained head injuries.

15/1/2021: A group of settlers attacked a citizen driving his motorcycle on the main road in Nablus, Ramallah, wounding and fracturing various parts of his body.

17/1/2021: a group of settlers entered the outskirts of Madama village, Nablus, and threw stones at the citizens’ homes, which resulted in the broken windows of the house of the citizen: Mashhour Muhammad Qat and his daughter Hala, 11 years old, sustained head wounds, and the settlers tried to kidnap her.

17/1/2021: A group of settlers entered civilian agricultural land belonging to Asira al-Qibliyah village in Nablus and uprooted or cut down 40 olive trees.

21/1/2021: A group of settlers near the junction of the settlement outpost Givat Asaf, east of Beitin, Ramallah, threw stones at passing civilian vehicles, wounding three citizens (including a child).

23/1/2021: A group of settlers entered civilian agricultural lands in the Dahr Subuh area of ​​Kafr Ad-Dik, Salfit, and destroyed 120 olive trees, and broke into an agricultural room and stole its contents.

23/1/2021: A group of settlers in the Tel Rumeida neighbourhood in Hebron’s old city broke several citizens’ vehicle windows.

23/1/2021: a group of settlers near Susiya village, east of Yatta, Hebron, attacked several journalists, bruising 2 of them.

24/1/2021: a group of settlers from the Carmiel settlement, east of Yatta, Hebron, attacked several citizens while they were herding sheep and prevented them from entering pastoral lands, and attacked their sheep.

25/1/2021: A group of settlers from the Kiryat Arba settlement, east of Hebron, razed and cut down dozens of olive trees planted in a ​​25 dunum area.

26/1/2021: Ariel settlement guards, at the northern entrance to the city of Salfit, prevented citizen vehicles heading to the city of Salfit from passing.

26/1/2021: A settler hit a female civilian on the main road near the village of Fasayil in the Jordan Valley, causing her injuries and bruises.

31/1/2021: A group of settlers from the settlements of Telem and Adura attempted to take control of areas in Sha’b Al-Masry and Khaleet Amer, which belong to the towns of Tarqumiya and Idna-Hebron.

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