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Developing the political capabilities and capabilities of individuals, groups and parties in the region to serve the building of civil and democratic societies and states based on the principles of self-determination, freedom, equality and human dignity, deepening the meanings of moderation, pluralism, moderation and tolerance, thus helping to renounce violence and extremism and contribute to the achievement of peoples Of their political and civil rights, particularly the Palestinian people.


Developing the political skills and abilities of individuals and political groups. Contribute to the promotion and promotion of the values of freedom, justice, equality, moderation and the right to self-determination. Contribute to the promotion and dissemination of the concepts of civil and democratic state in the face of tyranny and extremism. Assisting scientific and research competencies in the field of human sciences in developing their skills. Sponsoring cultural energies and developing the political skills of young people. Contribute to the empowerment of women and develop their political capacities. Political and academic support for the Palestinians to help them liberate and build their independent state.

Advisory Committee

Name Position country

الدكتور أديب زيادة

باحث واكاديمي فلسطيني


الدكتور جوجهان بوزباش

استاذ العلوم السياسية -جامعة نجم الدين اربكان


الدكتور كمالين شعث

رئيس الجامعة الاسلامية في غزة سابقا


الاستاذ الدكتور مراد جاملك

رئيس قسم العلاقات الدولية في جامعة نجم الدين اربكان


الدكتور محمد حسين أبو صالح

رئيس المجلس الأعلى للتخطيط الاستراتيجي


الدكتورة نادية أبو زاهر

باحثة واكاديمية فلسطينية


الاستاذ عبد الحميد الجلاصي

شخصية سياسية تونسية


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